Lent Devotion, Saturday, March 10, 2018


When he had received John’s baptism, Jesus heard a voice from heaven saying, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”

These words, notes C. Clifton Black, “blends different portions of Scripture.” The references are Psalm 2:7, in which God declares the king of Israel to be God’s Son; Genesis 22:2 which speaks of Abraham’s love for his son Isaac; and Isaiah 42:1, in which God expresses delight in his chosen servant.

In bringing these three stories together, Mark is telling us of the intimate and close relationship between Jesus and God. Recall that the Spirit also descends upon Jesus at his baptism. This is the “stuff” out of which arose the church’s chief teaching, the Holy Trinity. One way of expressing this teaching is to say: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are in a deep, continuing conversation of love; a love so deep that it flows out from them to fill all creation with life and mercy.

Holy One, Holy Three: Have mercy on others and on me. Touch us with your Fatherly love, that you send from heaven above. Teach us to follow you each day, guide us to live the Jesus way. Open our hearts to your Spirit, too, that daily we born anew. Holy One, Holy Three, have mercy on others and on me. Amen.

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