Two Mornings: An Advent Story of Mary, Part 4


While enjoying the variety of birds and flowers around her, Mary thought: “What glorious diversity God has built into creation. And what is true of the natural world, is also true of the world’s peoples.” She began to think about people who lived in places other than her own village. What were these people like? How did they dress? What language did they speak? How did they spend their time, earn their living, and raise their children? She heard stories about a few of these “foreigners,” including some called the Magi. It was said the Magi lived in a country far in the east, and that they were a people filled with curiosity, who delighted in studying many things, including the stars. “It would be fun to meet them and talk with them,” Mary thought. “But we in Nazareth never journey far from home. And why would the Magi travel here? From time to time, I have heard that some of them have visited the capital, Jerusalem. But they would have no reason to come to our small towns. I suppose I’ll never meet them. Still, it’s fun to think about. I could learn so much from them.”

Lord, help us to have conversations and to build relationships with those unlike ourselves. Amen.

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