Two Mornings: An Advent Story of Mary, Part 3


When the morning rainbow had faded, Mary began walking. She enjoyed this quiet time of day; it gave her a chance for thoughtful pondering before daily hectic activity began.

As Mary walked, she paid attention to the birds and the flowers. They were among the reasons she arose early every day. She enjoyed seeing the birds of the air and the flowers of the field. She was continually fascinated that each day, each week, each season brought something different, as the rhythm of life unfolded. She looked forward each spring to the coming of certain birds, with their wonderful song. And she anticipated the days when each kind of wildflower would show off its burst of color.

Inspired by the birds, she sang:

Bright-colored tanager,
Sweet-voiced warbler:
Sing the praise of the Lord!

Ubiquitous catbird,
Shining-blue bunting:
Sing the praise of the Lord!

Honk-sounding geese,
Rattling kingfisher:
Sing the praise of the Lord!

Chattering blue jay,
High-flying nighthawk:
Sing the praise of the Lord!

Screaming red tail,
Soft-voiced eagle:
Sing the praise of the Lord!*

Lord, unite our voices with all of creation in singing your praise. Amen

*These birds, of course, are out of place in Mary’s story, as they are found in 21st century eastern Pennsylvania, and not first century Israel. But whatever birds Mary could have seen, I imagine her delighting in them.

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