Two Mornings: An Advent Story of Mary, Part 1


Mary’s favorite time of day was early morning. As always, she awoke before her parents, sister, and brothers, and quietly made her way to the door of their small house. Once outside, she looked east to catch the first light of the rising sun.

She recalled that her Uncle Zechariah often spoke of day’s beginning by saying, “The dawn is a sign of God’s compassion, breaking the darkness, and enlightening us to live God’s way of righteousness and peace.” His words had inspired Susanna (Mary’s sister) to write a poem that Mary now recited:

Gift of Godly mercy,
breaking in the sky;
Rays of bright light shining,
bringing new day nigh.

Gift of Godly mercy,
ending dark of night,
guide our feet on pathways
that are true and right.

Gift of Godly mercy,
shining on each day;
may new light inspire us
in God’s peaceful ways.

God of creation, help us to see each day as a gift from you. Amen.

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