Scott’s Mountain Joy


Scott's Mountain

During mid-September, broadwing hawks are streaming south in the eastern United States. It’s thus a fitting time to share this poem which I wrote in 2015 as a tribute to Henry Kielblock and the counters crew at Scott’s Mountain Hawk Watch. This watch site is located next to the Merrill Creek Reservoir in Harmony Township, New Jersey. 

Listen to our happy story
of the birds at Merrill Creek;
we think you’ll be pleased to hear of
many raptors that we seek.
From September through November
we are in the parking lot
armed with cameras, scopes, and optics
checking out each distant dot.

Sitting in our chairs or standing,
bi-nocs raised up to our eyes;
patient waiting for what’s coming
soon to dot the sunny skies.
Winds a-swirling from the northeast
make Mount Scott a broadwing beast;
kettle forming after kettle
is for us a visual feast.

On Scott’s Mountain we find great joy
in each bird that we see fly,
and we celebrate each person
who takes time to stop on by.
So please come and visit with us,
we would like your company;
join us at this place of welcome,
add to our camaraderie.

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