Lent Devotion, April 8, 2017


During this Lenten season, we’ve heard the story of Jensi and those who met with her to explore what the Bible says about welcoming the stranger. We now leave Jensi and her friends, but for the final days of Lent we will continue the theme of God’s welcoming grace.

Holy Week begins tomorrow. Here is a prayer for this week.

Holy God:
In love, you create us as a remarkably diverse people.
In love, you send your Son to unite us despite all that separates us.
In love, you send your Spirit to touch our hearts,
calling us to love one another.
As we again hear the story of Christ’s sacrificial obedience for our sake,
teach us that his suffering is on behalf of all people.
Remind us that despite powers in this world that divide us,
yours is the greater power that unites us.
Send your Spirit this week,
and empower us with your love.

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