Lent Devotion, April 7, 2017


While Jensi was driving home from the Donut Shop, she was thinking about the story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman. A poem began taking shape in her mind. When she got home she made a few notes. Waking up early the next morning, she looked at the notes, and then wrote these words.  

She was not of his kin nor kind,
Yet came to him for grace.
He gave her quite a silent stare,
With doubt upon his face.

 The disciples came and said to him
“Please send her far away.
She’s loud, annoying, bothersome
Throughout the whole long day.”

She came and knelt before him then
With whispers, more she pled.
But he replied, “It’s just not fair
That dogs eat children’s bread.”

And then right back at him she said
“You’re right; no doubt on that.
But even dogs get crumbs that fall
From where their masters sat.”

Then Jesus looked at her and said,

“God’s love is yours today.
Your faith, my sister, shows to me
God’s grace has come your way.”        

Loving God, give us the faith of the Canaanite woman, that we will trust in your grace. Amen.

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