Lent Devotion, April 6, 2017


(The Donut Shop group continues its reflections on Jesus and the Canaanite woman.)

They noticed that while Jesus was silent, the woman knelt before him and kept pleading, “Lord, help me.”

“Wow,” said Jensi, “that’s one persistent woman. The disciples had warned her to be quiet, but she refused to be silenced.”

“And she was quick-witted, too,” said Ron. “She had a ready reply for Jesus when he told her it wasn’t fair that dogs eat children’s bread. He was saying that he had been sent to share God’s grace with the Jewish people. So how could he take it away from them, and give it to her? But this feisty woman said, ‘I understand. But even dogs get crumbs that fall from their masters’ tables.’”

Pastor said, “Her words took Jesus’ breath away, and he finally knew where he stood in the great Biblical debate about who is in and who is out. He stands with Ruth and Isaiah and Psalm 67. For he has seen this woman’s trust in God; a trust that says, “Just give a little; it will be enough; it’s all I need.”  Jesus recognizes this as great trust in God, and so he said to her, ‘Your faith is great.’ And her daughter was healed.”

Lord, give us persistent faith that always trusts in you. Amen.

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