Lent Devotion, March 23, 2017


Elizabeth jumped into the discussion about refugees. She said, “I was a teenager when St. Mary’s sponsored its first refugee family. Since then, we’ve been involved with many more, from all parts of the world. The stories they have told us are heart wrenching. They leave their homes to escape oppressive governments, or because famine has destroyed any chance of surviving on the land. They leave extended family, never to see them again. The more fortunate will have some money when they start out, but it quickly disappears from paying travel cost and housing cost. They will spend a year or two in a refugee camp, hoping for the opportunity to begin life anew. Some receive that chance; others do not. Those who do, arrive in a new country with next to nothing. Fortunately, there is a network of social support for them. These wonderful deeds of compassion are signs of God’s kingdom on earth.

“It saddens me that some people allow their anger about terrorism to be misplaced onto refugees. Refugees aren’t terrorists; they’re victims of terror who have been forced to flee for their lives.”

Lord, open our hearts to those in danger. Amen.

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