Thank you, Doug!


From 2000 to 2013, I was pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. One of the blessings I received during those years was a partnership with Doug Travor in catechetical and youth ministry. Doug has the gift of connecting with youth, with a knack for getting them excited about faith and the church. Each year, he and his class develop a skit for Youth Sunday, a skit which tells a Bible story in unique and creative ways. (My personal favorite was the pink pigs that went gallivanting through the church during the story of the healing of the demoniac.) The scenery for the skits is stunning, and the joy of the youth in presenting them is contagious.

These Youth Sundays are one of the annual highlights at St. Paul’s. They come together because of Doug’s love for the kids and his faith in Jesus. Through his efforts, Doug touches not only the lives of the youth, but of everyone in the congregation.

I don’t know how many Youth Sundays Doug has written, produced, and directed, but I’m pretty sure he’s been at it for two decades or so. I write about them now because this year’s (on March 19) will be his last. He’s decided to “retire.” It’s a retirement well earned.

Thank you, Doug, for the fun, the joy, and the faith that you bring to all of us. Every time I think of you and the youth whom you have served, a smile comes to my face.

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