Lent Devotion, March 15, 2017


When Jensi’s great aunt Elizabeth shared that she sometimes struggles to accept new people, her pastor was surprised. He said, “I’ve known you for the past 15 years, Elizabeth; you were one of the first people I met on becoming pastor of St. Mary’s. Your kindness immediately impressed me. You are beloved by the children of our church, and I know that some of our teens, when troubled, have sought your counsel. You are probably the most accepting, loving person I know. I’ve often thought that while I teach people words about grace, the way you live shows them what grace looks like. You certainly don’t come across as someone who has trouble accepting people.’

“I’m glad I come across that way. It’s how I want to live,” Elizabeth replied. “But it’s not always easy. It sometimes takes a great deal of effort. I try to treat everyone kindly. Sometimes it takes a lot of prayer to do that.”

Lord Jesus, in your earthly life, you showed self-giving, accepting love. Touch us with your Spirit, so that, in our imperfect way, we might follow your example. Amen

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