Lent Devotion, March 7,2017


Having listened to her pastor talk about the image of God, Jensi said to him, “That brings a poem of Walt Whitman to mind. The poem begins, ‘Sauntering the pavement or riding the country byroads here then are faces.’

“Whitman goes on to describe the many kinds of faces he sees in his travels. It reminds me that there are so many people, of so many different descriptions, with so many stories of their own. Whitman was a careful observer of the faces that he saw. Inspired by him, I try to do the same as I go about my day. I see faces that are happy or joyous; frustrated or angry; sad or despairing; determined or discouraged. I see faces of various colors; faces with piercings or lipstick or false eyebrows; faces with or without hair. There is such variety! And each of them made in the image of God! Perhaps that’s what Whitman meant when we wrote in his poem, ‘These faces bear testimony slumbering or awake, /They show their descent from the Master himself.’”

Dear God, as we go through our day, help us to see you in the faces of others. Amen

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