Lent Devotion, March 4, 2017


Jensi was relieved to hear that Ezra’s exclusionary viewpoint was very much in the minority in the Bible. Her pastor’s words had put her mind at rest. And yet, she had this feeling that many Christians preferred Ezra’s way, and sought to exclude those who were different.

She also realized that this issue of inclusion/exclusion had to do with something the voice of Jesus had told her, that her child was to play a key role in building bridges between people who are different. The voice had also given Jensi the calling to help prepare the child to do that. So she figured she needed to learn all that she could about the Bible’s spirit of welcome for the stranger.

So Jensi said to her pastor, “I’d like to know more about those Biblical voices of inclusion.”

                 God, give us the desire to know you better. Amen.

                                   Note: These daily devotions will not appear on Sundays.

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