Lent Devotion, March 2, 2017


One evening at bed time, Jensi picked up her Bible and was reading in the book of Ezra, in which “Ezra the priest stood up and spoke to the men of Israel. He said, ‘You have been faithless and have brought guilt on Israel by marrying foreign women. Now then, confess your sins to the Lord, the God of your ancestor, and do what pleases him. Separate yourselves from the foreigners in our land and get rid of your foreign wives.’ . . . . . So all the men who had foreign wives divorced them and sent them and their children away.” (Ezra 10:10-11, 44)

Jensi thought, “Did I read that right?” She read the words a second time, and a third time. And each time the words said the same thing: The men of Israel sent their foreign-born wives and their children packing. The men were only to marry pure-blooded Jews.

Jensi couldn’t sleep that night. She kept thinking, “If we are only to marry our own kind, then my late husband and I sinned against God. I’m white, Lutheran, of European descent. He was black, Roman Catholic, of African descent.”

She decided she would contact her pastor in the morning.

Lord, Scripture is sometimes challenging. Help us as we struggle with your Word. Amen.

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