Blogging, By Golly!


“And a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6d)

In this case, the child’s not so little: he’s my forty-one year old son, who back in the 1990s led me into the world of email and the internet. Now I’m following him again, this time into the blogosphere. He calls his blog the Scholtes Blog. Again, I’ll follow him and call mine the Elder Scholtes Blog, with the nickname “BBG Blog.”

Why those letters? They say something about who I am, and the main influences and joys in my life.

BBG stands for “Bonnie Boyer’s Great!”–I know; I’ve been happily married to her for forty-six years.

BBG stands for “Bouncing Baby Gents”–Three of whom I have been privileged to hold in my arms: My son Michael, and my grandsons Benjamin and Miles.

BBG stands for “Bouncing Baby Girls”–Two of whom I’ve held, my daughter Christy and my grand-daughter Zoe.

BBG stands for “Beanie Baby Grace,” who entered my life as a gift, and for several years partnered with me in teaching my parishioners that grace is “God’s love freely given.”

BBG stands for “Bible Birding Gnosis,” which is a fancy way of saying that much of what I know I’ve learned from reading the Bible and watching birds. Or, as I used to say before my retirement, “My vocation is parish pastor; my avocation is hawk watching.”

With these words, my blogging life begins. I’m not entirely sure where it is headed, other than it will often talk about life from the perspective of Scripture and the joy of creation. In whatever direction it goes, I’ll have fun writing it. And if it accomplishes nothing else, it will help keep my aging mind active!

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed, bountiful, and grace-filled day.

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